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Kit de Sensores Arduino




El KIT de SENSORES ARDUINO incluye los siguientes tipos de sensores:

sk001 Módulo sensor de temperatura DS18B20

sk002 Módulo interruptor de vibración

sk003 Módulosensor magnético efecto Hall

sk004 Módulo pulsador tipo botón

sk005 Módulo emisor de infrarrojos

sk006 Módulo zumbador pequeño pasivo

sk008 Módulo cabezal láser

sk009 Módulo led emisor de 3 colores

sk010 Módulo sensor emisor/receptor fotoeléctrico tipo U

sk011 Módulo led bicolor rojo y verde

sk012 Módulo zumbador activo

sk013 Módulo sensor de temperatura

sk015 Módulo sensor de temperatura y humedad DHT11

sk016 Módulo led 3 colores, rojo, verde y azul

sk017 Módulo sensor mercurio (No incluido. Prohibido por la CE).

sk018 Módulo sensor fotoresistor LDR

sk019 Módulo relé

sk020 Módulo interruptor de inclinación

sk021 Módulo sensor contacto mini reed

sk022 Módulo sensor receptor de infrarrojo

PS2 Joystick 2 ejes con pulsador

sk024 Módulo sensor lineal magnético

sk025 Módulo sensor emisor/receptor de reflexión

sk026 Módulo sensor de incendio

sk027 Módulo sensor taza luz mágica (2 unidades)

sk028 Módulo sensor de temperatura

sk029 Módulo led 3mm bicolor rojo y verde

sk031 Módulo sensor de golpes

sk032 Módulo sensor de obstáculos (2 unidades)

sk033 Módulo sensor emisor/receptor de reflexión

sk034 Módulo led intermitente de colores

sk035 Módulo sensor magnético analógico Bihor

sk036 Módulo sensor de sonido metálico

sk037 Módulo sensor micrófono

sk038 Módulo sensor de sonido

sk039 Módulo sensor latidos del corazón

sk040 Módulo encoder rotatorio


Item Imagen Descripción

Módulo sensor de temperatura DS18B20


Este modulo mide la temperatura y la comunica atraves de un bus digital 1-wire a el Arduino.


Módulo interruptor de vibración


Este modulo es un sensor digital de golpes. It will output a high level signal when it detects a shock event.


Modulo sensor de efecto campo magnetico Hall


Este módulo puede usarse para detectar la presencia de un campo magnético. Si hay un campo magnético presente, informará una señal de alto nivel.


Momentary Button Module


Este es un modulo de boton. Cuando se presiona el botón, se generará una señal de alto nivel.


Infrared Transmitter Module


Este es un módulo transmisor de infrarrojos que se usa para emitir señal de infrarrojos.


Buzzer Module


This is an active buzzer module that can make different sound.


Laser Diode Module


This is a laser emitter diode. The working voltage is 5V, with a wavelength of 650nm.


RGB three colors LEDs module


This is a surface mount three-color LED module that can make any color we want by combing different intensities of Red, Blue and Green.


Light Block Sensor Module


This is a light block sensor module, where there is an object in the middle of the U shape. The sensor will output a high level signal.


Dual Light LEDs module


This is a dual color LED module.


Buzzer Module


This is a nonactive buzzer module.


Analog Temperature Sensor


This is an analog temperature sensor that outputs it voltage in proportional to the temperature.


Temprature and Humidity Sensor


This DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor features a calibrated digital signal output with the temperature and humidity sensor complex,ensureing the high reliability and excellent long-term stability. A high-performance 8-bit microcontroller is connected. This sensor includes a resistive element and a sense of wet NTC temperature measuring devices. It has excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability and high cost performance advantages.


RGB three colors LED module


This is a through the hole three-color LED module that can make any color we want by combing different intensities of Red, Blue and Green.


Quicksilver Switch Module


A tilt switch that can turn on and off depending on the tilt position. The switch is mercury.


Optosensor Module


Photoresistors are semiconductor photosensitive devices, in addition to having high sensitivity, fast response, consistent with the spectral characteristics and value of good features Under a high temperature, and humidity in harsh environments, it also can maintain a high degree of stability and reliability Wide pan used cameras, solar garden lights, lawn, detectors, clock, music, cups, gift boxes, mini-night light, light voice switches, lights automatically switch toys and a variety of light control, light control lighting, lamps and other light automatic opening control field


5V DC Relay Module


This is 1 channel relay module with the following spec:

  • Can be used as microcontroller development board module can be used as home appliance control
  • 5 V-12V to TTL control signal
  • The control signal DC or AC, 220V AC load can be controlled.
  • There is a normally open and one normally closed contact
  • A power indicator light
  • A control indicator, pull off, disconnect does not shine
  • Aransistor drive to increase the relay coil control pins high impedance.
  • A control pin has a pull-down circuit to prevent malfunction relay vacant

Tilt Switch Module


Tilt switch module and a digital interface, built-in 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce tilt warning lamp 13 comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the tilt switch sensor interface to access digital 3,when the tilt open Off sensor senses a key signal, LED lights, otherwise off.


Mini Reed Switch Module


Reed module and the interface comes with digital 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce a Reed warning lamp 13 comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the Reed sensor access number 3 interface, when Reed sensors Sensed a key signal, LED lights, otherwise off.


Infrared Receiver Module


This is the infrared receiver module, with the following features:

  • The infrared receiver module is 1838 Infrared receiver
  • Acceptance angle: 90 °,
  • Operating voltage: 7-5.5V.
  • Frequency: 37.9KHZ,
  • Receiving distance: 18Meter.
  • Using inside and outside the double-shielded package structure
  • Anti-light, electromagnetic interference capability, built-in infrared dedicated IC Can in 500 LUX Light intensity to work properly.
  • Widely used in: stereo, TV, VCR, disc players, set-top boxes, digital photo frame, car audio, remote control toys, satellite receiver, hard disk player, air conditioners, heaters, fans, lighting and other household appliances.

Mini Dual Axis JoyStick


On the principle, the control rod can be considered that it is organized by the two potentiometer and a button.When using, it can connect with Arduino sensor shield,and connect Arduino corresponding pins through Arduino sensor cables. It as the following spec:

  • Directional movements are simply two potentiometers - one for each axis
  • Compatible with Arduino interface
  • The biaxial XY Joystick Module KY-023 applies ARDUINO
  • Dimensions: 1.57 in x 1.02 in x 1.26 in (4.0 cm x 2.6 cm x 3.2 cm)
  • 5 Pin
  • Arduino Sample Code

Linear magnetic Hall sensor


Linear Hall magnetic module and a digital interface, built-in 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce a magnetic field warning lamp 13 comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the linear Hall sensor magnetometer access number 3 interface, when linear Hall magnetometer Sensor senses a key signal, LED lights, otherwise off.


Big Reed Switch Module


Reed module and the interface comes with digital 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce a Reed warning lamp 13 comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the Reed sensor access number 3 interface, when Reed sensors Sensed a key signal, LED lights, otherwise off.


Flame Sensor Module


Sensor for flame wavelengths between 760 nm to 1100 nm infrared is most sensitive

  • 60 degree detection sensor
  • Two outputs mode:
    • AO: analog output- real-time output voltage signal on the thermal resistance
    • DO: when the temperature reaches a certain threshold- the output high and low signal threshold adjustable via potentiometer
  • Working voltage: DC 3V - 5.5V
  • Arduino Sample Code

Magic LED cup Module


This module has two parts - an LED and a mercury tilt switch. Pins are 1 G (ground), 2 + (5V power), 3 S signal and 4 L (LED.) If you wired up 1 & 2 to power, pin 3 (signal) will alternate between 5V (HIGH) and 0V (LOW) as you tilt the module. If you connect a current limiting resistor to L2, you can use it as a blinking LED.


Digital Temprateure Sensor Module


Digital temperature module and a digital interface, built-in 13 LED build a simple circuit, making the temperature warning lamp 13 comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the digital temperature sensor connected digital three interfaces, when the digital temperature sensor senses a key signal, LED lights, otherwise off.


Shock Sensor Module


Knock sensor module and a digital interface, built-in LED build a simple circuit to produce percussion flasher. Interface comes with digital LED, will knock sensor connected digital 3 interface, when percussion sensor senses measure to percussive signals, LED flashing light.


Obstacle Sensor Module


Obstacle avoidance sensor module KY-032 for Arduino: With 4 pins, use an infrared beam to detect proximity of obstacles. The potentiometers can be used to adjust sensitivity. Pin 1 is Ground, pin 2 is 5V power, pin 3 is digital output (on/off depending on the beam), 4 is enabling.


Line follow Sensor Module


7 Colors LED Blinking Module


Automatic flashing colorful LED module KY-034 for Arduino:

  • 7 color flashing LED module automatically uses 5mm round high-brightness light-emitting diode which has the following characteristics:
  • Shape: Round LED 5mm DIP type
  • Working voltage: DC 3.0V - 4.5V

Hall Sensor Module


Analog magnetic sensor module and a digital interface, built-in 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce a magnetic flash Makers.13 comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the analog magnetic sensor connected to the power board analog 5 ARDUINO Interfaces, when analog magnetic sensor to a signal, LED lights,otherwise the lights out.


Metal Touch Sensor Module


High Sensitive Microphone Module


For sound detection module has two outputs:

  • AO, analog output, real-time output voltage signal of the microphone
  • DO, when the sound intensity reaches a certain threshold, the output high and low signal

Module features:

  • There is a mounting screw hole 3mm
  • Use 5v DC power supply
  • with analog output
  • there are threshold level output flip
  • high sensitive microphone and high sensitivity.
  • a power indicator light
  • the comparator output is light
  • Arduino Sample Code

Microphone Module


Microphone sound sensor module KY-038 for Arduino:

  • LM393 main chip
  • Electric condenser microphone
  • Features Single channel signal output
  • Low level output signal used for sound control light
  • Great module for sound alarm system
  • Working voltage: DC 4-6V
  • Interface definition:
    • AO: analog output sensor
    • GND: ground
    • VCC: Power supply input range: 3V-24V.
    • DO: Digital Output (comparator output)
  • Two red LED indication: POWER and SENSOR. POWER: Power is off. SENSOR: When the microphone senses sound reaches a certain value, this LED light.
  • Arduino Sample Code

Heatbeat Sensor Module


This project uses bright infrared (IR) LED and a phototransistor to detect the pulse of the finger, a red LED flashes with each pulse. Pulse monitor works as follows: The LED is the light side of the finger, and phototransistor on the other side of the finger, phototransistor used to obtain the flux emitted, when the blood pressure pulse by the finger when the resistance of the phototransistor will be slight changed.

We chose a very high resistance resistor R1, because most of the light through the finger is absorbed,it is desirable phototransistor sensitive enough.Resistance can be selected by experiment to get the best results. The most important is to keep the shield stray light into the phototransistor. For home lighting that is particularly important because the lights at home mostly based 50HZ or 60HZ fluctuate, so faint heartbeat will add considerable noise.


Rotation Encoder Module


By rotating the rotary encoder can be counted in the positive direction and the reverse direction during rotation of the output pulse frequency, unlike rotary potentiometer counter, which species rotation counts are not limited. With the buttons on the rotary encoder can be reset to its initial state, that starts counting from 0.

How it works: incremental encoder is a displacement of the rotary pulse signal is converted to a series of digital rotary sensors. These pulses are used to control angular displacement. In Eltra angular displacement encoder conversion using a photoelectric scanning principle. Reading system of alternating light transmitting window and the window is not consisting of radial indexing plate (code wheel) rotating basis, while being an infrared light source vertical irradiation light to the code disk image onto the receiving on the surface. Receiver is covered with a diffraction grating, which has the same code disk window width. The receiver's job is to feel the rotation of the disc resulting changes, and change the light into corresponding electrical changes. Then the low-level signals up to a higher level, and generates no interference square pulse, which must be processed by electronic circuits. Reading systems typically employ a differential manner, about the same but the phase difference of the two waveforms different by 180°compared to the signal in order to improve the quality and stability of the output signal. Reading is then the difference between the two signals formed on the basis,thus eliminating the interference.